Tuesday, July 19, 2011

thoughts for the end of the day

Today I was presented with an interesting challenge.   I had to teach three high intensity cardio classes, Zumba.   I found out that for the last class I have to dig deep but it is entirely possible to do so as long as I have food in my system and plenty of water.  This is a very good thing for me to know since I might have to pull this off when I move to Phoenix.   At least I never have to step foot on a treadmill.

I still find it funny when people think I am a gymnast or former gymnast when I tell them about my circus aspirations.   I also love when I tell my fitness story and see hope in their eyes knowing that weight loss is possible and you can get the body you dreamed about with a lot of hardwork and dedication.   I tend to forget my story is not typical and I can be looked up to even though I don't think it is that amazing of a thing.  I just did what I needed to do.  Makes you realize that anything is possible and everything is within you grasp.  Now it is off to bed with me for my rope lesson in the morning....I will leave you with a picture.  Love...Your Friendly Neighborhood Circus Freak!

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