Monday, August 8, 2011

One Week

Have you ever feel like one week has been three.  That is what this week has felt like.  Since I moved up here I started teaching right away been to aerial three times and have been busy.  Once I moved up here I was promised 12 classes a week but upon arrival I was told that was not possible.  So now I am looking for work.....even putting an application in at starbucks.  Trusting once again that everything is going to be ok and I will have enough money to live and train.  I don't care if means all I do is stay in and train.  I moved here for one thing and that is an awesome trainer.    I have had three job interviews and pretty much know I didn't get two and waiting and hoping the third comes through.  While I put more resumes into local gyms.  Going to try some other avenues as well tomorrow.   Trying to breathe and feel more settled and getting to that point.  Also I have good friends close by and an awesome roommate so it is easy to trust that everything is going to be alright as long as I am proactive.    I just have a feeling no matter what I do I  am a busy boy.   Thinking of ending my night tonight with some Hellboy and maybe some knitting....already had some comfort food to deal with the work shit

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