Monday, August 1, 2011


Today was the big day and I have to say while it got out to a rocky start it was a good day.   I had a blow out in Casa Grande but luckily near civilization where I could get it fixed.  Got everything in and had a wonderful lunch with my mom and step-day and saw them off.  I subbed a Zumba class and the ladies there loved it and I cant wait to get into my permanent classes and get more classes in this area.   Looking to have a rope/silk workout tomorrow if I can get a hold of my trainer and also look for more work.    Had some greasy greasy pizza which tasted amazing but am starting to feel the repercussions of, goes to show every now and then you need bad food to realize, yes it is tasty and yes it makes you feel like crap.  Actually motivated to wake p early and see about a jog...but definately stretching and abs at my new place.   I am hopefully and everything is looking bright here...also living down the street from some very good friends is a good thing as well!!!!!!!!

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